Who We Are

DewTouch Innovations was established in 2012 with the aim of helping companies take full advantage of the potentials of technology. Amidst a globalised world rapidly transformed by technology, DewTouch Innovations has been helping clients drive new business value and deliver sustainable growth for close to a decade.

As a forward-thinking web solution company, DewTouch Innovations has experienced several phases of innovative growth in a short span of time, driven by technology advances. 

Today, we provide our clients with consultancy, customisation, maintenance and system training service for our range of software solutions. It is best known for its Fleet Management System and Food Catering Management System, among its other comprehensive solutions.

With its professional and dedicated team of developers since 2006, as well as a good track record of having established business relations with more than 100 companies, DewTouch Innovations continues to remain a trusted partner of companies looking for reliable, user-friendly solutions to streamline their processes.


Fresh Thinking
With our innovative and forward-thinking solutions customised according to your unique business needs, we help your organisation to remain competitive and succeed in a constantly evolving world.
First Light
We transform your corporate infrastructure to maximise the productivity of your workforce and business. By adopting our technology solutions, your organisation gains a ‘first mover’ advantage and can potentially accumulate more market share, expertise and customer loyalty.
Simple, Yet Powerful 
We pride ourselves as a product-driven company, offering the personal touch of a service company. That’s why our solutions are designed to be user-friendly without ever compromising performance, so they can be implemented quickly and efficiently at scale.
Good Accolades
We have upheld our promise to deliver satisfactory solutions and services so that your organisation can reap maximise benefits.